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Le Retour de L'Eglise. Jean-Pierre-Marie after Hippolyte LECOMTE JAZET, 178801871.

Le Retour de L'Eglise

Paris: Rue Coquillere, No. 26, circa 1815. Colour-printed aquatint. Printed on wove paper. In excellent condition. Image size: 11 3/4 x 16 3/4 inches. Sheet size: 16 1/8 x 19 5/8 inches. Plate mark: 15 1/4 x 18/ 3/4 inches.

A wonderful colour-printed impression of this charming print depicting the jovial celebration of a country wedding.

Genre painting came back into favour when the Academy admitted Watteau's "The Pilgrimage to Cythera" to its ranks in 1717. From that point on, a fashion for decorative genre subjects swept the country, influencing an entire generation of French artists. This stunning print is a wonderful example of French pastoral painting at this period as well as a superb example of French colour printing. Early colour printing was developed as a means of reproducing the effects of painting in oils. This spectacular print exemplifies the single-plate colour printing technique used in England, then adopted in France, at the close of the eighteenth century. The effect is achieved by inking a single plate with several different colours by using a rag stump, this process is known as a la poupée. The combination of colour printing and hand-colouring adds to vivacious character of the image, the happy dance-like promenade from the wedding to the celebration.

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Price: $750.00