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Army Packer. Frederic REMINGTON.

Army Packer

New York: R. H. Russell, 1901. Chromolithographed plate, mounted onto original brown paper card. Sheet size: 20 1/8 x 15 inches.

Marvellous Remington portrait of an army packer attentively watching the horizon

Though "A Bunch of Buckskins" was a collection of illustrations of Western types: cowboy and Indian, it was Remington's extraordinary gift to be able to make illustrative types absolutely convincing individuals, whose character and capibility can be seen in their posture and demeanor. These tough outdoorsmen seem ready for anything and completely at one with their horses.

In 1901 R.H. Russell published a dramatic portfolio of prints from eight vivid pastels that were included in Remington's first one-man gallery exhibition in December of that same year. This portfolio, complete with text and an introduction by Owen Wister, featured four Indian subjects and four cowboy/military subjects and became collectively known as "A Bunch of Buckskins". Today, this Buckskin set is arguably the most highly prized of Remington prints among collectors.

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Price: $1,000.00

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