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Falls of the Kamanis Taquoih River [Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, Ontario]. After General Sir Henry James WARRE.
Falls of the Kamanis Taquoih River [Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, Ontario]

Falls of the Kamanis Taquoih River [Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, Ontario]

[London]: Dickinson & Co., [1848]. Lithograph printed in colours, with additional hand-colouring and touches of gum arabic. Sheet size: 10¼ x 15¼ inches.

An important and majestic early image of Kakabeka Falls, located on the main Canadian transcontinental canoe route.

Henry James Warre was an English army officer who was assigned to Canada, where he examined and reported on river communications between Montreal and the Red River settlements in the Oregon Territory, and points beyond. He left Montreal in May, 1845, and returned there in July of the following year. The best of the sketches he made during the expedition were published in Warre's Sketches in North America and the Oregon Territory (London: 1848), which also included a map and narrative text, Sketch of the Journey. The present image is one of the best prints from this spectacular work. In the Sketch of the Journey he writes: "...from Lake Huron; coasted along the Northern shore of this lake, through Lake Superior to the river Kamanis-taquoih, at the North-Western extremity; ascended this river, through the lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, etc..." With regards to the Kamanis Taquoih, Warre is referring to what is know known as the Kaministiquia River in northwestern Ontario, which since the arrival of French explorers in the 1670s had been a key part of the main canoe route from Lake Superior into the heart of the continent. The scene captured here embraces the Kaministiquia River as it cascades 40m off of the Canadian Shield to form the sublime natural wonder of Kakabeka Falls. In Warre's time, the falls were located 30km west of Fort William, the regional headquarters of the Northwest Company, now the site of the city of Thunder Bay.

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