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[The Stamp Act] An act for indemnifying persons who have incurred certain penalties inflicted by an act of the last session of Parliament, for granting certain stamp duties in the British Colonies and Plantations in America

London: Mark Baskett, 1766. Folio. [2], 823-826pp. 6 George II, cap. LI.


Wiping the slate on the Stamp Act.

An official British Act passed after the repeal of the Stamp Act, in which those persons who had incurred penalties from non-compliance with the Stamp Act are cleared of charges against them. Because of the attacks on Stamp Act collectors, many persons had been unable to obtain the official stamped paper for various legal transactions. The Stamp Act, which caused such public outcry in the colonies, was repealed the year after it was passed. This nullified any remaining Stamp Act issues. Only three copies in ESTC, at the Lincoln's Inn Library, the Newberry, and the University of North Carolina.

ESTC N56936.

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