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Mission Pavie Indo-Chine 1879-1895. Auguste Jean-Marie PAVIE.
Mission Pavie Indo-Chine 1879-1895
Mission Pavie Indo-Chine 1879-1895
Mission Pavie Indo-Chine 1879-1895
Mission Pavie Indo-Chine 1879-1895

Mission Pavie Indo-Chine 1879-1895

Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1898-1911. 10 (of 11) volumes (Etudes Diverses, 3 vols.; Geographie et Voyages, Vols. 1-6 (of 7) vols.; Atlas vol.), quarto. Numerous maps, color plates and photographic illustrations. Original wrappers bound in.

Contemporary green morocco, spines gilt with raised bands.

Nearly complete set of the seminal French exploration of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Pavie, the French diplomat and explorer, spent much of his career in the region, becoming the first French Governor-General and plenipotentiary minister of Laos. During his career, he organized several expeditions of French Indochina. The first mission, from 1879 to 1885, covered the areas of Cambodia and Southern Siam as far as Bangkok. The second mission, from 1886 to 1889, covered Northeastern Laos and the exploration of the Black River in Tonkin as far as Hanoi. The third mission, from 1889 to 1891, involved the exploration of the Mekong river from Saigon to Luang Prabang. The fourth mission, from 1894 to 1895, involved the areas of Laos bordering with China and Burma on the left bank of the Mekong River, as far as the Red River.

The present set includes all three volumes of the Etudes Diverse section of the Mission Pavie reports, and a nearly complete run of the Geographie et Voyages volumes. The latter section is comprised as follows: Vols. I and II: Expose des Travaux de la Mission. Vol III: Voyages au Laos et chez les sauvages du sud-est de l'Indo-chine ; Vol. IV: Voyages au centre de l'Annam et du Laos et dans les regions sauvages de l'Est de l'Indo-Chine; Vol. V: Voyages dans le haut Laos et sur les frontieres de Chine et de Birmanie ; and Vol. VI: Passage du Me-Khong au Tonkin (1887 et 1888). The final volume of the Geographie section, published in 1919, is often lacking, as here. Complete sets of the Pavie Mission are rarely encountered.

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