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An East View of Montreal in Canada. Vue Orientale de Montreal, en Canada. Drawn on the spot by Thomas Patten. Engraved by P. Canot. after SCENOGRAPHIA AMERICANA - Thomas PATTEN.

An East View of Montreal in Canada. Vue Orientale de Montreal, en Canada. Drawn on the spot by Thomas Patten. Engraved by P. Canot.

[London: Printed for John Bowles [et. al.], 1760-1768]. Engraving. Six numbered references. Sheet size: 17 x 21 7/8 inches. Plate mark: 14 1/4 x 21 inches.

Among the rarest and most beautifully engraved Canadian views of the 18th century.

Published following the conclusion of the French and Indian War, and in a period of great public interest in the American colonies, the Scenographia Americana was the first series of views dedicated to a large-scale artistic depiction of the American landscape. From the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the West indies, the scenes include locations of battles, views of strategic provincial capitals, and newly secured areas of commercial importance. In 1768, the plates were published in three forms: individually; the complete set of 28 engraved plates (priced at four guineas); or as seven separate suites as follows: six views of Canada after Smith (plates 1-6, priced 1 guinea); two views in Canada (plates 7-8, priced 7s); two views of New York after Howdell (plates 9-10, priced 7s); two views of Boston and Charlestown, SC (plates 11-12, priced 7s, 6d for the pair or 3s, 6d individually); six views after Pownall (plates 13-18, priced 1 guinea); six views of Havana after Durnford (plates 19-24, priced 1 guinea); and four views in the West Indies after Campbell (plates 25-28, priced 14s). Referring to the present view of Montreal, Spendlove writes: "This fine and rare print formed a part of the Scenographia Americana. It is an excellent example of balanced composition, and shows the small walled city of Montreal with three ships and some small craft in the harbour. It is considered to be the first print of Montreal after its capture in 1760 by General Amherst."

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