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[Cabinet card studio portrait of the Chiefs of the Six Nations in Canada]

Brantford, Ontario: [1871]. Cabinet card photograph on the photographer's mount. Contemporary ink manuscript inscription on verso identifying each sitter (the inscription possibly in the hand of Horatio Hale).

Rare image of the Chiefs of the Six Nations, holding their wampum belts.

The Smithsonian online catalogue explains the image and the circumstances of its being taken: This photograph of "Onondaga, Mohawk, and Seneca Indians with wampum belts [was] made on September 14, 1871, for Horatio Hale. Includes Joseph Snow (Hahriron), Onondaga Chief; George H. M. Johnson (Deyonhehgon), Mohawk chief, government interpreter and son of John Smoke Johnson; John Buck (Skanawatih), Onondaga chief and hereditary keeper of the wampum; John Smoke Johnson (Sakayenkwaraton), Mohawk chief and speaker of the council; Isaac Hill (Kawenenseronton), Onondaga chief and fire keeper; John Seneca Johnson (Kanonkeredawih), Seneca chief. Horatio Emmons Hale (1817-1896) was an American-Canadian philologist, ethnologist, author, and businessman who studied American Indian languages as a key to their origins. He published the Iroquois Book of Rites in 1883, which documented the history and rituals of the Iroquois Confederacy based on interpretations of the group's wampum belts. In September 1871, he requested that six Iroquois chiefs, with whom he had worked on the wampum belts, come to the Brantford, Ontario, studio of James N. Edy, where this photograph was made."

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