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Manuscript document signed by the selectmen of Newtown, NJ, attesting that Isaac Titsoort [i.e. Tietsoort], was sent in December 1755 to negotiate with Indians on the Pennsylvania frontier, but was killed

Newtown, NJ: November 16, 1757. 1p. Signed by Henry Simson, Joseph Byram, John Anderson, Thomas Woolverton and Joseph Parry.

The French and Indian War on the New Jersey "Front Tears"

In the wake of Braddock's defeat, with tensions with the Delaware Valley Indian tribes rising and with a perceived threat that the tribes of the Delaware Valley would invade into New Jersey, at the end of November 1755, Governor Belcher detached hundreds of West New Jersey troops to the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border (and into Pennsylvania), many under the command of Colonel Abraham van Campen. The present documents concerns the death of a resident of Sussex County, who evidently travelled with Van Campen and Colonel Jacob Ford to the "front tears" to "parley or hold a treaty with the Indians there" but "hath never returned & by report was near about that time killed." The document advocates for his bereaved wife and suggests that his eldest son be appointed heir and estate administrator. Another copy of this document, addressed to "Your Honour", appears in the Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, first series, vol. xxxii, p. 326.

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