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Naval Chronology of Great Britain. Or, An Historical Account of Naval and Maritime Events, from the Commencement of the War in 1803, to the End of the Year 1816

London: Whitmore and Penn, 1818-1819. Three volumes in original 12 parts, 8vo. (9 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches). Partially unopened. With 60 aquatint plates, all hand-colored except two of the frontispieces, one of these printed in two colors, as issued, many captions printed in blue. Publisher's slip present in part 6.

Blue cloth clamshell box with gilt titles containing 12 individually wrapped parts in original printed wrappers

Provenance: Baroness Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906), ownership inscriptions to front wrappers of nos. 9-12

First edition, in original parts and with original hand-coloring. Depicts naval battles during the Napoleonic Wars and also the Capture of the Chesapeake in the American War of 1812.

Tracking naval and maritime events from the commencement of war in 1803 through the end of the year 1816, this text is an essential reference on the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars-- from which they emerged as the largest and most powerful in the world for 100 years. This history is illustrated by first hand accounts in the form of letters, interviews, and supply lists from individuals involved in these naval battles and events. Consequently, according to the publisher's conditions, "The Whole of the Designs will be taken from Sketches made by Officers who were present in the several Actions." Part Three includes the "Capture of the Chesapeake, June 1, 1813" after the painting by Thomas Whitcomb. Individual parts of the Naval Chronology were offered both uncolored for 10 shillings, 6 pence and colored, as here, for 15 shillings. We trace no other hand-colored copies in original parts at auction since 1959. This copy came from the collection of Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts, a remarkable figure of philanthropy and cultural stewardship in Victorian England. Beyond her celebrated charitable endeavors, the Baroness was an avid bibliophile, amassing an impressive collection of books that mirrored her diverse interests. In a historic first, Queen Victoria conferred upon her the title of Baroness in 1871, a testament to her influence. While her legacy in social reform and animal welfare endures, her book collection offers a window into the life of a woman whose wealth empowered both her intellectual pursuits and her commitment to societal betterment.

Abbey Life 342; Howes R-21; Sabin 67602; Tooley 392; "How serious was the German naval threat to Great Britain before 1914?," Churchill Archives Center.

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