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Item #41172 Caillou Bay and Ship Shoal. Louisiana.

Caillou Bay and Ship Shoal

Washington D.C. Published by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, May 1920. Large folding nautical chart, printed on heavy paper stock. Uncolored. Sheet size: 43 5/8 x 36 inches.

A rare original coastal survey of Caillou Bay area and including Isle Dernieres.

Established by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807 as the Survey of the Coast, the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey was the United States' first civilian scientific agency. This agency has followed its mission to survey the U.S. coastline, create nautical charts of the coast, and help increase maritime safety since its founding, and has often played fascinating roles in significant chapters of U.S. history. It served in all theaters of the Civil War in the service of the Union Army and Navy, pioneered acoustic exploration in the wake of the sinking of the Titanic, and during WWI it worked to detect enemy submarines. In addition, this agency worked to survey and produce detailed maps and renderings of the U.S. coast. These nautical survey maps (commonly referred to as "T-sheets") provide fascinating insights into the history of the United States coastline, which has and will continue to shift. These maps are the most important data source for understanding the physical and ecological characteristics of the U.S. shoreline. The present map of the Louisiana coastline is notable for the inclusion of Isle Derniere, which translates to "last island" the westernmost of a string of islands along the basin of the Mississippi. This 24 mile stretch of land was Louisiana's southernmost outpost of civilization: a resort island for the wealthy, complete with hotels, ballrooms, carousels, and summer homes, until an unnamed hurricane in 1856 flattened the island killing hundreds and fragmenting Isle Dernier into five smaller islands: East, Trinity, Whiskey, Raccoon, and Wine. These new names are not noted on this map, still notated as Isle Dernier. This map is a highly detailed and accurate sea chart of the Caillou Bay, and an important historical view of the developing Louisiana.

Item #41172

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