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Item #6039 [Illustration of physiognomic resemblance between a Man and a Horse]. After Charles LE BRUN, - After LANGLOIS.

LE BRUN, After Charles (1619-1690). - After LANGLOIS

[Illustration of physiognomic resemblance between a Man and a Horse]

[Pl. 20] [London: J. Carpenter, 1827]. Lithograph, after Langlois, printed by Engelmann, Graf, Coindet & Co. Sheet size: 22 x 16 5/8 inches.

This plate, from Charles Le Brun's study of human types and animals, demonstrates the resemblance between a man and a horse.

Charles Le Brun (1619-1690) was a painter, architect, designer and author. He studied with Vouet and Poussin. Being acquainted with Colbert, he became one of Louis XIV's primary assistants in the designing and decorating of Versailles and other royal building projects. He also wrote an essay on physiognomy: an edition was published in 1827 ("Dissertation sur un traité de Charles Le Brun concernant le rapport de la physionomie humaine avec celle des animaux"). The present image is from this edition, which included lithographic plates printed by Engelmann Graf Coindet & Co. after various artists.

Item #6039

Price: $750.00