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Item #6517 The Fruits of early Industry & Oeconomy; Industry and Oeconomy. DARCIS after George MORLAND, Henry SINGLETON.
The Fruits of early Industry & Oeconomy; Industry and Oeconomy

The Fruits of early Industry & Oeconomy; Industry and Oeconomy

London: 25 March 1800. Stipple engravings. Image size: 23 1/8 x 18 3/4 inches. Sheet size: 26 5/8 x 21 inches approx.

A beautiful pair of stipple engravings by George Morland conveying the concept that dedication and industry provide reward and happiness.

George Morland was one of the most successful genre painters of his time, creating, during his industrious career, some of England's most cherished paintings. At an early age Morland displayed his artistic genius, he learned to paint at three and exhibited his first work at the Royal Academy at the mere age of ten. Morland was a prodigious painter, producing more than 4000 paintings during the entirety of his career, and sometimes painting two or three works in a day. His beautiful idealistic scenes were a favorite source of inspiration for contemporary engravers, and as many as 250 separate engravings were done of his paintings during his lifetime. Morland is considered a master of genre, his beautiful paintings depict with insightful subtly the tender side of English country life. Singleton's work was extremely popular during his lifetime, and the present image certainly shows that he merited that popularity. The original was probably produced as a commission from Darcis as Singleton is known to have come to specialise in works that were intended as artwork for engravers. The subjects of this pair of very fine prints find echoes in a number of earlier works, most notably William Hogarth's series titled 'The Industrious Apprentice'. The present pair are specifically described by Samuel Collings' verses which appear with the title beneath each image.

Item #6517

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