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Item #6628 Morning or the Higlers Preparing for Market. Daniel after George MORLAND ORME, 1766- c. 1832.

ORME, Daniel (1766- c. 1832) after George MORLAND

Morning or the Higlers Preparing for Market

London: circa 1795. Colour printed stipple engraving with additional hand-colouring. In good condition with the exception of some small expert repairs. Lower margin repaired with loss of imprint. Image size: 16 3/4 x 22 5/8 inches. Sheet size: 18 7/8 x 24 1/4 inches.

An unusually richly coloured image after Morland: 'a master of genre and animal painting, an artist worthy to be placed in the same rank as the best of those Dutch masters whom he studied as a boy' (DNB)

George Morland was one of the most successful genre painters of his time, creating, during his industrious career, some of England's most cherished paintings. At an early age Morland displayed his artistic genius, he learned to paint at three and exhibited his first work at the Royal Academy at the mere age of ten. Morland was a prodigious painter, producing more than 4000 paintings during the entirety of his career, and sometimes painting two or three works in a day. His beautiful idealistic scenes were a favorite source of inspiration for contemporary engravers, and as many as 250 separate engravings were done of his paintings during his lifetime. This print expertly demonstrates why Morland is considered a master of English genre painting. In its depiction of a poor country family gathered around the father as he prepares to leave with his covered cart, the simplicity and rough beauty of rural life is neatly conveyed to the viewer in the two pigs in the foreground: in the charming wife pouring a drink for her husband, who is tying his boots; in the daughter, head bowed, who obviously doesn't want her father to go. "Higlers" was a term for country peddlars, who went from house to house, as well as markets, selling esential goods.

Item #6628

Price: $1,500.00