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The Right Hon. Lord Nelson. H. after T. HOPPNER MEYER.
The Right Hon. Lord Nelson.

The Right Hon. Lord Nelson.

London: Published by Colnaghi, Cockspur Street, Dec. 21, 1802. Stipple engraving. In good condition apart from being trimmed within the plate mark on all sides. Skillfully mended tears on left and bottom margins. Images size: 20 3/8 x 13 inches. Sheet size: 22 5/8 x 14 7/8 inches.

A wonderful print of Admiral Lord Nelson from Hoppner's famous portrait.

Admiral Lord Nelson was one of England's greatest heroes; his naval victories shaped the history of Britain and sparked the formation of an empire. Nelson was sent to sea at the age of twelve and spent the majority of his life upon the ocean. As a naval leader he was a brilliant tactician, and always surprised his enemies by using audacious tactics. With intelligence and valour, Nelson won some of the most important naval battles in British history. His victories included the battle of the Nile, the battle of Copenhagen, and lastly the battle of Trafalgar, which is still remembered today as one of the greatest naval battles ever to have taken place. Trafalgar was Nelson's last and most famous victory, and it gave Britain command of the seas for a century.

O'Donoghue, Catalogue of Engraved British the British Museum 52.

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